Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter at the Farm

Easter always reminds me of the wonderful family get-togethers we had when I was a child. Both my parents came from large families, so there were always a lot of kids. Every Easter we would meet at Pawpaw Lawrence and Mama Kate’s farm. It was a great place where we could have amazing egg hunts, and adventures. There was a creek that ran through the farm with a water hole. We would track through the brush up and down that creek looking for the water hole. And of course, we had to keep an eye out for snakes, wild pigs, and bulls along the way. Pawpaw Lawrence passed away while I was still in high school, and while Mama Kate met my oldest daughter, she passed away while I was pregnant with my youngest. It was a difficult pregnancy and I was bedridden at the time, so I didn’t even get to attend the funeral. Needless to say, I miss those childhood days. I was always a little disappointed that my children didn’t get to have an Easter like we did. They had a couple cousins that were just a little older than them, so we did have a few small egg hunts in the yard. We still have a large family, but we hardly ever have time to get together anymore. All the kids are grown, many with grandkids and of course there is no great farm to have adventures on. The photo is of my first egg hunt. By the way, I'm the little girl holding the cat. The other little girl is my cousin Sabrina. Two guesses how this ended.