Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Very Nice Review of Wedding Cake Killer

A suspense-filled story, WEDDING CAKE KILLER, the seventh book in award winning author Livia Washburn’s FRESH BAKED MYSTERY series, is a clever, intriguing, contemporary cozy mystery that brings the characters to life right before your eyes.   To read more go to Romance Junkie Reviews.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Wedding Cake Killer Now Available

Wedding bells will be ringing in Weatherford, Texas, this Christmas when Phyllis Newsom opens up her home for her best friend’s wedding. And although the bride is wearing white, no one suspects that she’ll soon be wearing black… 

After all the planning—and the cake tasting—the big day has arrived. Eve Turner, one of Phyllis’s boarders—and her best friend—is moving out and getting married to the affable Roy Porter. While she’s sad to see Eve go, Phyllis is more than happy to host the event in her house and to bake the bride and groom a delicious three-tiered coconut wedding cake. Even though a snowstorm in the forecast seems like a recipe for disaster, the day runs as smoothly as butter cream.

But the marriage doesn’t last long past the honeymoon. When Roy’s found dead at a Weatherford bed-and-breakfast, Eve’s the top suspect. Now Phyllis must find out who iced Roy before her friend finds herself behind bars…