Monday, January 08, 2024

New Release -- KINGFISHER P.I. Book 2: DARK RIDE by James Reasoner and Livia J. Washburn


Hired to find out who’s been threatening a Texas state senator’s granddaughter, the two triplet sleuths Callista and Joseph Kingfisher find themselves in more trouble than they bargained for as Callie goes undercover at a therapeutic riding center and becomes involved in a dangerous conspiracy with roots on the other side of the world.

Between international criminals who want them dead, an enigmatic former Special Forces operator who can’t be trusted, federal agents who would like to make the Kingfishers disappear in some black site prison, and the shadowy menace who started the whole thing, Callie and Joseph will have their work cut out just trying to survive this case!

KINGFISHER P.I.: DARK RIDE is the second in a new series of thrilling mystery novels from New York Times bestselling author James Reasoner and the creator of the popular Fresh Baked Mystery series Livia J. Washburn. Mount up for these exciting and entertaining tales from two of today’s best storytellers!


“Would you like to ride? We have a pony named Ferdinand that would be just right for you, I think.”

Still no response.

“You came out here to ride, didn’t you? Just a few times around the ring. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to keep doing it. But you really ought to give it a try.”


“Who brought you out here?” Callie asked. “Your mom? Your dad? Don’t you think they’d like to see you ride? I’ll help you switch your hat for the special riding helmet and get you mounted up. A nice lady named Connie will be controlling the horse, and I believe Jimmy will be there to help the whole way to make sure nothing happens except that you have a good time.” She reached toward his shoulder. “I really think you’d enjoy—”

“Don’t do that,” an urgent voice said behind her.

The warning came too late. She rested her hand on Tyler Harper’s shoulder.

And the little boy screamed, twisted, and lashed out, swinging his right-hand crutch at Callie’s head.

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