Saturday, November 10, 2007

Working Vacation

Recently James and I went to Rockport, Texas. We went down to help my parents enjoy a week's vacation, but ended up staying for a month. We went to the Seafair the first weekend in October, where I plan on setting my fourth baking mystery. They have a wonderful dessert competition and we were able to sample the results. We managed to have a wonderful time and get a lot written. I don't know if the reason we were able to get more writing done than usual was because we felt so much better down there, or if it was because we weren't having to handle everyday stresses. I understand better now why writers rent out cabins far from home to get work done. Many days we'd have more work done by the middle of the day than our best days home. This was working on a small kitchen table with laptops, sitting on hard wooden chairs. Not the best for the back and rear, but you can't argue with the results. I finished the first draft of a book and James did that and half of another. Here are a few photos I took down there. Most of them are along the street we stayed which was next to the water. It was a great street to walk along and discuss writing, which we did every morning and evening.

This is the view we woke up to each morning.

The birds kept us entertained along Water Street.
Palm tree along the walk has weathered the constant winds for many years.

This was a bait stealing seagull where we fished many of the mornings.

This is the full moon that caused an astronomical high tide the first week.

Just posting the photos makes me want to go back and get more work done : )