Monday, September 23, 2013

Revising Bookcovers

 The nice thing about ebooks is the fact you can change bookcovers. I took a couple of my older books and did a little tweaking.  Well, on SPIRIT CATCHER I did a little more than tweak.

With MENDING FENCES I changed the color of the font outline.  Amazing how a little change makes a big difference.  I also added some text about the book.  MENDING FENCES was a sweet romance novel set in the area my in-laws grew up in.  James and I had fun researching the area and looking at the fences that were cut in the fence-cutting war.

SPIRIT CATCHER ended up with new images and updated fonts.  I think it gave it a fresh new look. SPIRIT CATCHER is a steamier type of book, so maybe I should have added a shirtless cowboy.

Now Amazon has to catch up and post both of the new covers.