Monday, January 16, 2012

Review Blues

I received a one star review on the first novel of my urban fantasy series, Witch Got Your Tongue, because the reviewer thought it had a cliff hanger ending.  The person even admitted it was a pretty good story but still gave it only one star.  This is a series, and some things were resolved, but I did leave it open for many more books in the future.  Is that no longer allowed in series?  The only real thing left unresolved was something that will be an ongoing battle for the main character.  I let the reviews about it not being a novel but a novella roll off my shoulders.  Well, other than griping to James.  It is 45,000 words.  That is not a novella.  It's a short novel, and I was very clear about that in the description by posting the number of pages in the trade paperback.  Now I get complaints that it's a half novel that doesn't end.  I really want to know if this is something that actually bothers readers, or if it just makes you want to read the next book.

Also, any readers willing to review the book, either on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or on a blog, send me your email address  with the type of file you would need, and I'll send you a Kindle file, Word file, or PDF. .

Monday, January 09, 2012

Big Earl Will Ride Again

Finally put the last of the Christmas decorations in storage yesterday.  I had them boxed up for a while now, but a cold slowed down the process of getting them put away.  That's always the sad part of the holidays.  It means they are officially over.  I had a lot of fun buying presents this year.  My husband James is always the hardest to buy for, and I even surprised him this year.  He loves to read, especially older books.  Right before our last anniversary I bought him a collection of pulps.  He wouldn't buy them, so I bought them telling him I'd have presents for life.  A box of these pulps was what he expected to receive, but he hasn't cleared a spot upstairs to put more shelves, so I went a completely different direction.  I bought him a costume.  I found a place to buy old west clothing and bought him a vest, shirt, and pants.  Then I hit Ebay and found a hat to go with the outfit and even some spiffy boots.  I'm sure you're all wondering why would this make a good Christmas present.  It goes back to writing.  Many years ago James came up with a series featuring Judge Big Earl Stark.  Pocket books decided to use an old west photo of James for the cover of the first book.  James is planning on writing a new Big Earl novel this summer.  It's going to need a cover.  A new Big Earl photo will work great for the cover of the new book, so with the costume, Big Earl will ride again.  Fun stuff.  His birthday is early in June and probably before he'll have time to write the book . . . I wonder if I should get him a horse . . .