Monday, February 16, 2009

Fortune Cookie

James and I went out for a few hours this morning. Gone are the days when we could just take off for the whole day. We both have too much work, thank goodness. Anyway, we went to the library, Half-Price books, and Wal-mart. It was a typical morning off from work. We ended the morning with Chinese food while discussing the books we're working on. My fortune cookie said - You have a charming way with words and should write a book. What happened to the fortunes that say I'm going to get wealthy? Oh well, I don't know how charming my words are, but I sure do need to write a book. Deadlines are always looming around here, so I guess my fortune is already coming true.

Friday, February 13, 2009

All About Writing

James and I talked to our youngest daughter's gifted and talented students about writing yesterday . The last time we did this was when our youngest was in sixth grade. I won't tell you how many years ago that was, but it's been a few. It's always refreshing meeting a new generation of young intellegent readers.

We were in the school library and they asked if we knew any authors. Of course we scrambled to think of authors they might know. I'm sorry to say they wouldn't be impressed by most of our friends. Bill Crider was the first name we came up with. One of the girls scrambled to the Wishbone section and picked out his book, Muttketeer! They were very excited we knew Mr. Crider.

Before we left the students shared power points they had made about their favorite authors. These 8-10 year olds had professional looking power points that were very well researched and nicely made. Either my daughter is an amazing teacher, or these kids are beyond gifted, or maybe both.

It's always a good day when you can spend it with kids that enjoy reading.