Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Cooking

The mass market edition of The Christmas Cookie Killer shipped so well, that the editor asked for another Christmas book. I had an idea for a New Year book, but I can probably adjust the plot. Recipes would be different. With the family Christmas get together coming up I will need to start working out the recipes now. If you put out a bunch of goodies in a large group, you can tell pretty fast which recipes are winners. It does take a lot more effort to create original recipes. You end up throwing your hard work into the trash at times. My problem is with not having some of the book written, I don’t know what I need in the way of recipes. This would be the best time to have other people test taste, however. I know one thing, something is going to have a lot of chocolate in it! Also I have to come up with a killer title. Get it??? Killer title! LOL I crack myself up at times. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas spent with family and friends, and a healthy, prosperous 2010.