Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bestseller List

A PEACH OF A MURDER came in at #3 in Entertainment Weekly this week. Bill Crider gave me the heads up on this, which came as a pleasant surprise. Bill also mentioned the book on his blog where he said some very nice things.

We have had a bit of an adventure trying to find a copy of this issue. James and I immediately went to Wal-Mart in our hometown to look for the issue. It wasn’t there, so the next day we headed for Fort Worth. We found a copy of Entertainment Weekly at Waldenbooks in Ridgmar Mall, but it wasn’t the right issue. At this time I didn’t know exactly which issue it was in and was afraid it was in the week before. This meant a stop at Half-Price Books. We came out of there with an armful of books, but the past issues of the magazine didn’t have right book list. We finished off the day at Borders. Since that day we made another run at the stores looking for the next issue, but the Nov. 17th issue was still in the stores. My daughter finally found a copy of the right issue, and there my book was on the list. It's a great feeling.

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  1. Not to brag, but my book is number 304,194 on Amazon's list. And it isn't even out yet. Congrats to you, Livia. I think you have a winner in that series.