Monday, May 14, 2007

Coming in October 2007 - Murder by the Slice

Murder by the Slice
A Fresh-Baked Mystery
Livia J. Washburn


Retired schoolteacher Phyllis Newsom’s scrumptious baked creations are known throughout Weatherford, Texas, for many things. But being healthy isn’t one of them. So this year’s contest should be quite a challenge—because even though the entries must be low-cal and low-fat, Phyllis will never, ever scrimp on taste…

Everyone knows you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Unfortunately, nobody ever told Shannon Dunston, despotic president of Oliver Loving Elementary’s Parent Teacher Organization. And in planning a fundraising carnival, Phyllis Newsom and her friends wouldn’t mind if Shannon were to go to a much hotter place than Texas…

Even though the carnival fare is heart-healthy this year, it does Shannon’s heart no good—someone has stabbed her through the heart in a school hallway. Distraught, Phyllis learns that the knife that killed Shannon was hers—and that it left traces of incriminating frosting. Now, clearing her name will be no piece of applesauce-and-granola cake…

Praise for A Peach of a Murder:

“Delightful, [with a] realistic small town vibe [and a] vibrant narrative…A Peach of a Murder runs the full range of emotions, so be prepared to laugh and cry with this one!”—Romance Reader’s Connection


  1. Congrats, Livia. The cover has a cool color scheme. I like it.

  2. Thanks. I'm very happy with the cover.

  3. Yes, congrats, Livia. Also, as someone wishing to start writing cozies, is it a big enough market to make a living from?


  4. Hi Livia,
    It's the first time I am reading somebodies blog...and here I found you. Currently I live in Kuala Lumpur and will look for your new book.They do love American writers here as it seems...even Sandra Brown is not censured (islam). Congratulation! I am also a writer, published 2 books in my mother tounge (Slovenian) but hope to publish a children tale in English soon. And a novel, a love story with a 'domestic and parenting' theme.I have a blog on numerology and its predictions. I managed to publish this book in my country, now I translated it and posted "The Fate of Numbers" in my blog: Would apreciate if you look at it and leave a comment, perhaps?
    Best wishes, Nina