Friday, February 22, 2008


I’m so excited. We’re actually making some progress this week on getting into our temporary home. It’s been over three weeks since the fire and we’re still camped out in my parent’s spare bedroom. Yesterday electricity was hooked up to a new pole. Now we can run wire from it to our home. With electricity I can get the well fixed. I bought some pipe earlier this week, cut and fitted some together without glue. Now I can go get the new well tank and control box and some fittings. This weekend I’ll start working on the fence and well house. That means I need to buy boards today, too. After everything is hooked up and the mobile home people do a walk through and fix problems, we can get furniture. Maybe we’ll be in the home by next weekend. I have hope.

When we get moved in we can start working on clean-up, and start investigating rebuilding.

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