Friday, September 12, 2008

Just in Time for the Rain

Front of house.

Back of house.

They worked hard today to finish closing up the roof and cover it with felt to protect everything from the rain that we're sure to get from Ike

The builder is talking about pushing the downed trees away from the house and burning them. I cringed when I heard that, but it would cost a pretty penny to haul it off and it'd just be landfill. I may sit up all night with a water hose in hand, or maybe two or three.


  1. It looks like a beautiful home and a wonderful place for the two of you to write.

  2. Nice place. I'm sure the thought of fire anywhere near home brings a cringe.

  3. I was amazed when James agreed to put in a fireplace. Since it's all electric, and this area is bad about losing electricity during ice storms, he grudgingly agreed it was a good idea to have another way to heat the house.

    We had to give up the idea of a metal roof. Metal is just too expensive right now. I jokingly told James I guess I could fix up a sprinkler system on the roof. He took me seriously. He wants a way to wet down the roof during Fourth of July and New Year Eve because of the crazy neighbors and fireworks. I didn't tell him that he has water hose and a thumb, spray away.

  4. Good news indeed. It really looks nice and roomy. Looking forward to some inside pictures when you get it ready.

  5. If you can swing it, you ought to pave the yard 100 feet in all directions.