Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Basket Give Away

Email me at livia@flash.net to put your name in for a chance to win the above basket. All I need is your name. I'll email the winner for their address. The basket contains a signed copy of my book The Christmas Cookie Killer, a signed bookmark, a mug with the cover of the book, a tin of snowflake cookie cutters, red and white snowflake pot holders, Dark hot chocolate mix, biscotti cookies, two small boxes of chocolates, and a stuffed snowman. The drawing will be December 7th. Good Luck!


  1. Yes the UK would be cool.

  2. Kit Prate

    Hey, did you try small amounts of baby oil on the back of the masking tape? It's messy, but I used the method cleaning up after a contractor who did the same thing on a government restoration project (old buildings as Haskell Indian School). Also used (very carefully) a steam powered (low pressure)device used for removing wallpaper.

  3. The builder had the people that put the tape down get most of it up. They used half a bottle of Windex with a plastic scraper I bought to try. Guess they had more elbow grease than I did. It did discolor it along the wall a little, but stained cement isn't perfect, anyway.

  4. I love contests!

    My initials are RMC :-)