Saturday, May 09, 2009

Pot Roast

I finally bought a new crock-pot to replace the one I lost in the fire over a year ago. I never really used the old one that much at home. Actually I had two of the big ones, but they were bought to make nachos for the school math and science team home competitions while our daughter was on the team. James and I ran the concession stand for the teams for several years. You wouldn’t believe how many pots of cheese we’d sell in one competition. I would have to get up especially early on those mornings to start a batch in the first pot. The kids would start buying nachos as soon as we’d set up for breakfast. While setting up, I’d start the next batch in the second crock-pot so hopefully it’d be hot by the time the first batch was gone, so I could start the next pot of cheese, and then the next . . . I really hated nachos by the time our daughter graduated high school.
This morning I filled my new crock-pot with baby carrots, onions, celery, red potatoes and two braised chuck roasts. The smell is already getting to me and I haven’t even had breakfast yet. If it turns out tasting the way it smells, I’ll split it between us and my parents. I do love cooking a whole meal in one pot, not to mention I can work through the time I would normally cook supper.


  1. I, for one, hope it turns out quite tasty.

  2. You just hope it doesn't turn out like the buttermilk sweet potato pie.

  3. By now I am sure the verdict is in. I am sure it turned out just fine. I agree - crock pots are great to prepare meals ahead of time. Mine are still functional but missing handles on the side and on the lid. I will probably replace them soon - when I get tired of using another utensil to open it.

  4. It was good. The smell drove me mad all day and I didn't have time to eat more than a pear for lunch. Next time I'll probably add a few more spices, but I wanted this mild for my parents.

    It was nice to come in from mowing and have supper ready.