Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another Free Drawing

The Vampire Affair by Livia Reasoner
“I’m not sure if we can reach a deal or not, Mr. Brandt. The current owner of the resort has no interest in selling –”
Michael Brandt opened his briefcase and pushed aside a 9mm pistol, a vial of holy water, a wooden stake sharpened to a deadly point, and an antique knife with a silver-filigreed handle. He took out a legal pad, plucked a pen from the pocket of his jacket, and wrote a number on the pad. As he turned the pad around and pushed it toward the man seated on the other side of the table in the conference room, he said, “I’m sure you’ll pass along my offer to him anyway, as you’re duty-bound to do as his attorney.”

If you are interested in reading more, I am giving away 3 autographed copies. Send an email to reasoner@flash.net to enter. The winners will be chosen October 26th, just in time to get the books before Halloween.

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  1. I love the sample. Please include me in the drawing. I sent you an email.