Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Winners of The Vampire Affair

Using the following winners were chosen to receive a signed copy of The Vampire Affair.
Paul Bishop
Juri Nummelin
Craig Clark


  1. Hello, found you through BookendKim's twitter feed. Just had to leave a note because our names only differ by one syllable. :-) Congratulations on all your book releases!

  2. Thank you Livia. Growing up in central Texas I'd never heard of another Livia. My mother never said why she named me that and she can't tell me now because of dementia. When I started reading Roman history I discovered another Livia, but she wasn't a nice person. She poisoned husbands, grandsons, etc. I don't want to think my mother would have named me after her. Since being on the internet, however I've found that there are many Livia's. Since my mom was a big reader I like to think she just came across the name and thought it sounded pretty.