Wednesday, February 09, 2011

All Three Lucas Hallam Novels Are Now Available on Kindle

Winner of The American Mystery Award and The Private Eye Writers Of America's Best Original Paperback Award. Here's the real Hollywood of the studio days . . . glamour, glitz, and an underside of dark and dangerous secrets.
WILD NIGHT has been recently reviewed by Ed Gorman and Cap'n Bob.

DEAD STICK Set in the 1920s, this intriguing mystery marks the return of likable Lucas Hallam. A stuntman and former Texas Ranger, Hallam is hired by Hollywood producer Carl McGinley to find out who is trying to sabotage his current film, set during World War I. Dead-Stick is on target. True-to-life characters with a dash of 1920s seasoning contribute to a satisfying read. -- Publishers Weekly Cap'n Bob also recently reviewed Dead Stick.

A novel set in the glory days of the Hollywood western. One actor is an ex-gunslinger, a former Texas Ranger, and tough private detective. He is hired by a film studio to take a spoiled New York actor to a ranch in Texas and turn him into a credible cowboy star. Once at the ranch in Texas, the situation is complicated when a ranch hand turns up dead. The local sheriff suspects a Native American actor and so the tough-guy detective takes on the case.

"There is more tension than in a barbed-wire fence." --The Los Angeles Times
"A striking original detective set against a lush, fascinating narrative backdrop." --The Dallas Morning News


  1. I'll order Dog Heavies now. I'm only sorry it's the final one. Unless...?

  2. Thanks, Cap'n. It's the final one being reprinted. You never know. I've been writing about Lucas Hallam for 30 years now, so I don't see any reason to stop now. I've always wanted to write one set when his daughter is 2 or 3. I would think that could be interesting trying to handle a dangerous case with a young daughter to protect. Now if I just had some extra time . . .

  3. There are more novels? Great news.