Thursday, November 28, 2013

Out of the Ashes -- A Thanksgiving Treat -- The Phantom Ranger and the Skateboard Gang

The only unpublished novel that was on my usb memory stick snug in my purse when the house burned down in '08 was a middle reader novel my husband and I wrote called THE PHANTOM RANGER AND THE SKATEBOARD GANG. Recently Cheryl Pierson and I started a new publishing company, Prairie Rose Publications, blending our talents. This is a publishing company strictly for women's western fiction. We quickly discovered that there was a need for more, so we also formed Painted Pony Books for the younger readers. THE PHANTOM RANGER AND THE SKATEBOARD GANG is just the first novel to be published under the Painted Pony Books imprint.


Codi Jackson and her father have been forced to move again. Codi’s getting used to being the “new girl” in her fifth grade class—but that doesn’t mean she has to like it. Can’t life just be normal? With her mother out of the picture and her father working odd shifts as a police officer, friends are important—as long as they’re not the wrong kind.

When Codi and a classmate, Keith Wright, are assigned to work on a history project, Codi has to make some hard decisions about her popularity in her new school.

But everything changes when Codi picks up an old Texas Rangers badge that belonged to one of her ancestors and he appears right before her eyes! Her great-great-great-grandfather says he’s come to help her, but how? And how is she going to explain the ghost of her long-ago Gramps to her history project partner and her father?

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  1. I will surely be reading this one! Love your books!