Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Pumpkin Muffin Murder

Publisher: NAL Trade; Original edition (November 2, 2010)
ISBN-10: 0451231325
ISBN-13: 978-0451231321

This is the fifth book in the Fresh Baked series and on the stands now. Much of the book is centered around Holland Lake Park in Weatherford, Texas. This historical park features two double log cabins built in the mid-1800s. During my research, I discovered that the park where we took our daughters to play when they were young has had major changes. The log cabins are still there, but the old wagon they used to play on is gone and shiny new playground equipment replaced it. I'm sure kids enjoy the new playground, but it was sad to see the old wagon gone. It seems like kids today have less chances to just use their imagination when playing. The research at the park certainly brought back a lot of nice memories even with all the changes. My daughters are both grown now and teachers at our local schools, but I will always remember them sharing bread with the ducks and geese and laughing happily at Holland Lake Park.


  1. Dear Livia - I am a new fan of yours. Received your book "The Christmas Cookie" as a gift and loved it. Also loved the recipes. BUT am wondering why you did not include the ones for the "Snowflake Lime Sugar" cookies and the "Gingerdoodle" cookies. They both sound good. I am going to the store tomorrow and see which one of your books I want to get next.

  2. Zel, thank you for the kind words. Book cookie recipes should have been in the back of the book. Was this an ebook? You can find the Snowflake cookie recipe on my website.
    If you send me your email address, I'll email the other recipe.

  3. I looked last night at my B&N bookstore. They had already sold the copies they had received. I guess I can get the ebook for my nook.

  4. Hello. I just started reading your books and I love them. Although I purchased "A Peach of a Murder" in paperback; I was wondering if you were going to release it in ebook form on Amazon Kindle or Barnes and Noble. I have already purchased the rest of the series in the ebook format and would like to add this to the collection as well. I hope you keep writing, I really do enjoy your books!

    Thank you,

    Jackie Wright

  5. Jackie, thank you for your kind words. As for A Peach of a Murder not being available as an ebook, I have brought this to the attention of my editor and he was looking into it. Maybe it's time to ask again.

  6. Hi Livia,
    I, too, just discovered your books. I read all of them over my Christmas break. I am a teacher in NC-almost retirement age- so I really got a kick from the Freshly Baked series. I love that you put Bobby in the Pumpkin Muffin Murder. I wish that Phyliss would get a dog for us dog lovers! A Golden Retriever would be nice. :) Guess what I have?! I'm sad that the next book won't come out until 11/11!!!! Oh well, I'm starting on the Literary Tour ones now. Do you ever get to Charlotte, NC?

  7. I am having a book club mystery night.. with halloween food and drink.. and your book was chosen to be the show case.. do you have any book club questions? or fun ideas?