Saturday, July 09, 2011

Vacation Novel - Witch Got Your Tongue

My husband, James and I went away for 2 1/2 weeks in June to write. We drove 372 miles to stay in a one room rustic cabin a few blocks from the bay. The whole purpose of the trip was to get away from our home lives to write.

I would get up between 3-5 a.m. to get started because the broadband internet down there would only work early in the morning, so any research that needed done on the internet had to be done then. When 7 a.m. would roll around I’d get in the van and go to the Sonic for 2 Route 44 unsweetened teas with extra ice. The ladies there got to know me very well. It was a strange mix. I’d get our jolts of caffeine while gazing at the sun reflecting on the bay.

By the time I got back to the cabin with our teas, James would be up and at the computer. With our tea and cereal, we’d hit the computers hard until lunch. Lunch was always our main meal, and there were three restaurants we went to the most. One was a Chinese buffet, the second was a Mexican restaurant, and the third was a sea food place with windows looking out at the wharf. All three places had grilled fish, my favorite. After lunch we might go out and walk along the beach or look through some of the bookstores in the area. Then it was back to the cabin, working until a late supper. Supper was usually whatever could be eaten at the computer since we were rarely done by supper time.

We’d work until late evening, pop in a DVD and watch something for an hour or two. After the TV was turned off, we’d see if the internet was working enough to answer emails. Then it was time for bed. That was our vacation. We were only planning to go for 2 weeks, but our daughters told us to stay longer and they could take care of my parents a little longer. It is only because of them that I was able to write my latest novel, Witch Got Your Tongue. This book is now on sale on Kindle and the Nook. The trade paperback is coming soon.

My friend Alyssa White designed and illustrated most of the cover. My daughter Joanna made the book trailer with help from her friends. Bethany McLemore and Cheryl Lemmons created and played the music, and Kim Mckelvey drew the wicked witch. My thanks go to all of them.


  1. So I see now how a professional does it. I've been writing a "lot" this summer but certainly have not made the kind of progress you and James have made. I would enjoy that writing vacation, though since Lana is not a writer we'd have to do something else as well.

  2. It was strangely relaxing, but I can see it would probably be dull for a non writing spouse. I'm ready to go back.