Monday, March 05, 2012

A Little Irony

Since I finished For Whom The Funeral Bell Tolls, it was time to return my research books on the Florida Keys to the Fort Worth Library.  One book didn't make to to the library.  We started out with seven books, but only arrived with six.  The book we couldn't find was A Hidden Florida Keys & Everglades.  And hidden it was.  We looked all around the seat, no book. We thought it must have fallen out at one of the places we stopped earlier.  Retracing and asking brought no results.  That sucker was hidden very well.  It wasn't until I was sitting in my chair at home that I remembered a click in the seat earlier.  A flashlight revealed the little trade paperback had slid between the drawer under the passenger seat and the seat.  I was only able to see it with a flashlight.  Fingers wouldn't reach.  It required a small grabber slid between the drawer and seat and lots of maneuvering to get it out.  Mystery solved.  A Hidden Florida Keys & Everglades was no longer hidden.  Now we'll have to return to the Fort Worth Library sooner than planned, but that's nothing to complain about, more book looking.

For Whom The Funeral Bell Tolls is now available in trade paperback and ebook on Amazon.

and for the Nook

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